Freephone numbers for DWP

Secretary of State David Gauke announced in October that DWP would introduce Freephone numbers to replace its existing customer 0345 numbers and this would be completed by the end of the calendar year.

The work to introduce the new Freephone numbers will begin with Universal Credit. The new numbers will be introduced on Wednesday 29 November.

More information about the rollout of the Freephone telephone numbers for other products / benefits will be provided in advance of changes being made.

The changes to Universal Credit telephone numbers coming into effect on 29 November are for the following services:

Service Line Current 0345 number New Freephone number
UC Live Service 0345 600 0723 0800 328 9344
UC Full Service 0345 600 4272 0800 328 5644
UC Housing Line 0345 266 0041 0800 328 3844
UC Live to Full Service Transfers 0345 606 9970 0800 328 7844
UC/WA Welsh Line 0345 600 3018 0800 328 1744
UC Text phone 0345 600 0743 0800 328 1344
Payment Services – Creditors/landlords 0345 600 2859 0800 328 0128
Payment Services – Customer contact 0345 600 2865 0800 328 0172



  • We are currently developing a plan to update official clerical letter templates as soon as possible, note some letters may still have the old number on for a few weeks;

Old numbers

  • If you dial an 0345/0845 number after we have introduced the new Freephone number you will not be connected to the DWP service that you require.
  • There will be a message played to inform you that the number you have dialled has been replaced with a Freephone number and providing the new Freephone number to use.
  • The message will be played three times, with enough time between messages for callers to be able to write the new number down. If a caller stays on the line after the third loop they will be cut off.
  • You will not be charged if you end the call before the end of the third message loop. However, if you stay on the call until it ends automatically, you may be charged depending on your telephone package for the 90 second call.
  • DWP will not repay call charge costs for calls to 0345 numbers.

Other numbers (JSA/ESA etc)

  • Other numbers will migrate to Freephone by the end of the calendar year.
  • We will publicise new Freephone numbers as they are introduced, including updating information on GOV.UK and providing information messages on our existing telephone lines.