INFO: Thriving at Work – The Essentials

If you’re interested in the process for developing a workplace health programme, here are the basics:

·         Carry out a survey of staff to find out what health issues need to be addressed. You may find this useful:

·         Review your own organisation’s policy and practice. What have you got in place and what do you need? You can use the guides on the council’s website to help you (there’s one for employers and one for employees) and our leaflet for managers:

·         Set some goals and write an action plan. Make sure staff are involved in developing the programme. Signing up to a pledge scheme can sometimes help you identify priorities and outcomes. Examples include: Time to Change Employer Pledge (, Mindful Employer (

·         Benchmark what your organisation does against best practice. These toolkits will help:

·         Lots of organisations like to set up an annual programme of events to give focus to their activities. This is a good one to use: If your staff want to get involved in fundraising activities, you’ll need to look at what individual charities are doing (there is no list for this).

·         Make use of available resources and opportunities. This can include: a list of free training and a leaflet on how to reduce single-use plastic.

·         Carry out an annual review to find out what’s changed. How many policies have been introduced or updated? How have your staff been involved? Have sickness absence levels changed? Has health awareness increased?