Augar Review: Post-18 review of education and funding in England

An independent panel has published its ‘long-awaited’ findings and recommendations which aim to create a more “joined-up system” of FE and HE. I’ve trawled Google for summaries from different perspectives that might be useful.

The official government information including the full report (216 pages) can be found here:

FE Week has an article on the 9 main recommendations. These are:

1.      The FE college ‘network’ should be ‘rationalised’ and given a dedicated capital investment

2.      There should be full funding for qualifications at levels 2 and 3 for all adults

3.      The reduction in the core funding rate for 18-year-olds should be reversed

4.      ESFA funding rules should be simplified and government should commit to providing an indicative adult education budget

5.      Funding for level 6 apprenticeships and above should be available only for those who have not previously undertaken a publicly-supported degree

6.      Investment in the FE workforce should be a ‘priority’

7.      Government should improve data collection, collation, analysis and publication across FE

8.      FE colleges should have a protected title like universities

9.      Ofsted should become the lead responsible body for inspecting apprenticeships at all levels

You can read more about these here: