Bristol Wellbeing College Nov – Dec Prospectus

Please find attached copies of Bristol Wellbeing College’s new November – December prospectus for you to give to people accessing your services.  Also attached are posters for each of the venues for you to print out as required.

Bristol Wellbeing College Prospectus


New Colour Coded Sessions

We have designed a new colour-coded system based on the stages of charge model so people can easily see which sessions are most appropriate for your own recovery journey.

Green Sessions

For people who are beginning their recovery and who may be feeling a little lost, helpless or hopeless.  These are lighter sessions encouraging self expression through the use of different sensory tools.

Blue Sessions

For people who have begun to take steps towards making positive changes and are beginning to feel some benefit but may still feel a bit unsure. These are more structured sessions which aim to provide learners with helpful tools and strategies.

Pink Sessions

For people who have reached a stage in their recovery where they feel comfortable with self-reflection and are working towards long term planning. Learners need to have a willingness to support each other in the sessions and share their experiences where appropriate.

If you would like any further information regarding our new colour coding system please get in touch on 0117 914 5498 or by email

Session Enrolment

If you have anyone who is interested in attending our workshops or courses please can you direct them to the Second Step website to book onto sessions.

The Wellbeing Café has moved

Don’t forget that the Wellbeing Café is now in a new venue The New Room Café, 36 Horsefair, Bristol, BS1 3JE (directly opposite the road between Primark and Debenhams on the Horsefair, adjacent to the Arcade) at our usual time of 2pm – 4pm.  Please feel free to bring clients along to learn more about what the Wellbeing College has to offer, take part in example exercises from sessions and of course, drink good coffee (Other beverages will be available).

If you have any queries please contact Ben.