Changes for Life Course

Weston College is running Changes for Life course that is running on Monday 20th January 2020. Changes for Life is a 6 week course. 4 weeks Monday- Wednesday and 2 weeks Monday – Friday.

The course is designed as an opportunity to develop your skills and grow your confidence, self-esteem and motivation, which will help to improve your resilience.

It is a place to learn and grow in a safe environment and to meet new people along the way.

Some quotes from people who have attended the course:

“The course has changed my life.” – “You have made me feel like I’m the most important person in Weston College.” – “My confidence has grown so much since being on the course.” – “I can now like myself again.” (This was someone who had body dysmorphic disorder, who couldn’t even look in a mirror at the start of the course and didn’t want to even do the course. He did however and went on to find employment.

This course has great results as you can read from Learner quotes. The course requires full commitment from start to finish. If you feel this will benefit anyone that you are currently working with please let Emma Crandon know so we can ensure a place on the course.