Lloyds Bank Digital Courses start in March

Last October/November Lloyds Bank Digital Academy offered a series of bite-sized digital courses for both enterprises and people.  The enterprise ones were taken up pretty well but the courses for individuals had a poor take-up.  We have persuaded her that there is still a huge demand for training sessions for people we work with so please encourage your customers to take them up.  See the booklet for details of the courses – they cover a range of digital needs including online IT safety, using social media for work and to get work.

Rachel is offering courses for enterprises such as all members of the network (and others) so if you gather together a bunch of colleagues, you could have a session to yourselves!

If you are crafty at planning, you could incorporate some elements of the Academy into your sessions for your own customers!

From Rachel:

  1. Here’s the video of what we did with the Academy in Bristol in 2019: https://vimeo.com/371406951/184d755e63
  2. An overview of the courses we offer – both for individuals (that will help people to get jobs and back to work) and for Small Business (suitable for all types as well as charity staff – keen to do this with teams of people from Charities across Bristol)
  3. I’m open for business so can start booking courses in from March onwards – cohorts of 12 people (min 6 – 8 guaranteed to attend for it to go ahead. Email Rachel: Rachel.Ashong-Quinn@lloydsbanking.com