Bristol Wellbeing College – Wellbeing Session Resources for March and April 2020

Second Step still has spaces available for booking on the Second Step website for wellbeing sessions happening across March – April including a couple of new Green sessions:

Making Picture Poems

Making Picture Poems sessions encourage you to escape sense and order. We explore making poetry with our hands to celebrate scribbles, crossings out, forgotten notes and strange scrawls. We discover self-expression through collage, shape and colour as well as words.

Finding Your Own Voice

We are very familiar with our own critical voice, which damages our self-esteem and confidence.  One way to combat this is to become aware of the compassionate and caring sides of ourselves.  Within this session we consider those unhelpful thoughts and the things we say to ourselves and begin to learn how our compassionate voice can be heard.

Venue Posters

Please find linked A4 posters for the wellbeing sessions happening in different venues in Bristol.

       The Greenway Centre, Southmead

       New Street Centre, St. Judes

       The Station, Bristol City Centre

       The Vassall Centre, Fishponds

       Windmill Hill City Farm, Bedminster

Wellbeing Session Handbook

There is also a Wellbeing Session Handbook for you to use when looking at the March – April prospectus.  The handbook goes into more detail on what your clients can expect from each session they are interested in. If you would like colour copies of the PDF resources please let Second Step know along with the amount you would like.