Ways2Work and Covid-19

While we wait to see what is happening in the UK and the rest of the world, our world of employment is changing each hour, or so it seems when you listen to news bulletins.

Ways2Work is here to help you and your customers/clients/case-loads/people stay informed about jobs, courses, news and other opportunities.  While we can, we will send out details more frequently than the usual 9am email rush into your inbox.

We have heard of 3 employers recently who are keen to take on people who now find themselves out of work or on short-time contracts and we are expecting more.  Many things have shut down including training courses to help people get that bit extra confidence and/or qualification which gets them into work.  Having been in the sector for a few decades, I know that it won’t be long before the course structures are changed to deliver under new circumstances (and whilst still taking full account of the guidance around C-19).  We want to hear about it so we can help you publicise your new events.

We are looking at new ways to deliver Jobs Fairs which, till now, have been useful points for those of your customers who are finishing courses to aim at.  Watch this space…

Despite the threat and worry of C-19, people still need help to get into work to earn money for themselves and their families.  While all of us in the wider W2W network are probably not an essential service to the country at this moment, we can make a positive impact with the individuals who will be essential workers when they get into that job.

Keep at it!