SafeLives Covid-19 Response – Safe At Home

 SafeLives has been working hard as an organisation on our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly given the risks for those affected by domestic abuse during lockdown/isolation. This is known as Safe At Home.

What is Safe At Home?

Safe At Home is our answer to the many challenges Covid-19 poses to us as a sector, but most importantly to people currently living in abusive situations or that may be about to find themselves in one. The project’s aims are:

  • Supporting families who are being asked to self-isolate but who are not safe at home
  • We are looking after the health and morale of staff and volunteers. Particularly recognising the impact on services with small staff teams
  • We sustain funding for frontline provision and work with funders to set out what the sector needs during this period.So what that currently looks like is giving resources to those who need them most, as well as influencing the government to take on the expertise we’ve gathered from practitioners and survivors. What we’ve done so far:
  • We’ve set up a webpage bursting with resources for survivors and practitioners
  • Developed guidance for multi-agency forums during Covid-19
  • We are part of a weekly call with 30 other Violence Against Women & Girls organisations to coordinate a response, share best practice and agree priorities
  • Communicating with the Home Office and Ministry of Housing, Community & Local Government about our priorities and what needs to happen now in order to support victims and survivors
  • TWO surveys – one for practitioners and one for survivors
  • Part of a joint sector statement
  • Jo S, our resident podcast host, has been creating podcasts with critical voices. Listen to her first one with Rachel Williams here. (Recommend listening on your daily state-sanctioned walk!)