Ways2Work Wednesday update

We’ve been updating the information on our Covid-19 page. We’ve got a lot of information on keeping up to date, business support, online provision and job vacancies. You can see it all here: https://ways2work.org.uk/covid-19/

Please help us

As part of updating our online services, we’ve made our directory live. It needs your help! If you’d like your organisation on there (or to update what we’ve got) please complete the attached document and send it back to us. We’ve added a section on the form for information about what services you’re able to provide during this quarantine period so that people will be able to search and find out what they can access now.

To get an idea of what it’ll look like, we’ve got a limited directory live here: https://ways2work.org.uk/directory/

You can navigate to it through our Partners section.

In other news

WECA has pledged support to colleges and funded training providers:

“The Combined Authority has provided reassurance to the sector that it will carry on paying its funded adult education providers for the rest of the academic year despite the impact of Covid-19 on their delivery. This will help minimise disruption to learners, ensure that staff can continue to be paid and support the overall financial stability of the providers.”

See more here: https://www.westofengland-ca.gov.uk/weca-pledges-support-for-colleges-and-training-providers/