Be aware of scams

Maria at Be Empowered Farm Futures has been in touch to make us aware about TV licensing scams that are doing the rounds. We’ve also had a very genuine looking invoice sent from a valid organisation’s email address. Please remind your customers that communications may not be genuine and it’s OK to check with other people before doing (or paying) anything. Crimestoppers information is attached here.

She says:

Please could you make people aware, especially if they work with vulnerable and disadvantaged people there is a terrible scam out there now regarding TV licensing and it looks very genuine apart from the email address it is sent from. I understand a few emails are being used.

I fear many will act on it and divulge personal info and payment, without hesitation. It threw me initially and I couldn’t think when my licence was due and then realised it was sent to the Charity email address which has no TV. NB I think this period of uncertainty leaves us all quite vulnerable and not thinking straight!