Free Care Certificate Training

With Covid 19 still a real threat and with no indication when this lockdown will end, I understand that the Care Sector is under immense pressure to ensure that continuous Care is provided to some of the most vulnerable people within our society.Most Care providers are now struggling with staff shortages due to support staff going in to self-isolation and the demand to hire new staff can be immense in these times. Having to ensure that new employees are trained to a high enough standard to ensure their effectiveness within your care facility can be overwhelming and, due to training organisations being unable to provided face to face training, meeting Sector standards can be time consuming and challenging.

 FREE Care Certificate training which can be completed online with telephone tutoring if required and wouldn’t cost care providers anything unlike such Care Certificate providers like Social Care TV.

The course we offer is Certificated and covers the main areas required, I have listed these below:

Introduction to the care certificate:   Introduction to health and safety        Working safely and securely

Working in a person centred way:   Safeguarding children                      Safeguarding Adults

Infection prevention and control:    Fluid and nutrition Equality and diversity

Basic life support:  Move and assist safely Mental health awareness

Medication and healthcare tasks :   Understand your role Lone working

Communication:  COSHH essentials Duty of care

Privacy and dignity: Fire safety Managing stress

Handling information: Personal development

Along with the above, we are also able to offer additional learning in such things as Food Hygiene Level 2 in Catering and Customer Services and therefore, the training would not necessarily suit just your Care givers but also other areas of your business.

So what are the benefits?    The training is Free for all new employees who prior to your offer of employment were unemployed ,Competent and well trained staff.

 CQC Training Requirements satisfied and training can be undertaken whilst you wait for your new employees Enhanced DBS and references to be returned.

 All training is Certificated

If the above is of interest or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kim Payne or on the Tel: 07917 848757