Fully Funded Digital Skills Workshop

The Skills Support for the Workforce & Redundancy (SSW/SSR) project, Serco are funding a virtual workshop aimed at those people who have skills and business conversations with employers within HotSW, Dorset and WoE regions.  As these Workshops have been well received in the past, we are pleased to announce two additional dates, 22nd July and19th August.  These workshops will discuss the most effective ways to engage businesses with the Digital Skills Agenda and understand how best to diagnose and meet their digital skills needs.

Designed to support training providers and employer facing staff to answer digital questions and engage in conversations, you will learn how new tech is impacting on businesses, how digital technology is changing business growth models and what you can do within your business to support some of the digital skills needs of the future. This interactive session will enable you to build out your own question set when talking to employers and develop a credible digital knowledge base.

The workshop will cover:

  1. Digital Review 
  2. Why is digital important for all businesses?
  3.      Facilitated discussion:  What are the key questions that will open a digital business conversations?
  4.      Develop and adopt digital models to share in meetings
  5. Challenging the Current Digital Offer·
  6. Get to know Office 365 capabilities – deep dive
  7. Match Office 365 with productivity improvements
  8. Discuss how could this be packaged as a course and how can it be included in existing courses
  9. Adding Digital Skills into Soft Skills Delivery
  10.      Run soft skills training?  Discuss and learn how can we include digital in the soft skills agenda and vice versa.  We will look at examples of customer service, team admin and match with opportunities for chatbots use, social media management skills etc.
  11. Action Planning
  •      Review session, what will you do differently?
  •      What are the next steps?

To book your place please choose the date most suitable for you and click on the link: Wednesday 22nd July 2020


Wednesday 19th August 2020 – link to be added