Understanding sight loss for professionals online training

RNIB have developed their understanding sight loss for employment professionals into an online training module. As many organisations are using the current pandemic as an opportunity to engage in professional development and training, I hope some of you might consider under taking the training. The training is completely free and I will also be arranging follow up discussions with trainees on further support available and answering any questions you may have.

The training is aimed at those working with job seekers and may become useful as the rates of sight loss are due to increase in the UK.

The training will cover:

RNIB – who we are and what we do

• Sight loss and employment statistics

• Common eye conditions and how they affect vision

• Barriers to employment for people with sight loss

• How you can support jobseekers with a visual impairment

If you or your organisation would like to do this training, please contact Alice Archer to arrange a discussion.

If you have already attended the training face to face, you do not need to complete the online training. Please note, for DWP staff the training is already available on your internal training platform.