Open Meeting – Green Homes Grant

Learn how to access the Green Homes Grant,  what alternative routes to home energy efficiency are available, and discuss with other BEN members what we want for the next round of government energy efficiency support.

Green Homes Grant Open Meeting 

Yesterday the government has launched the Green Homes Grant – as part of their post-Covid economic recovery package. This is in the form of vouchers for up to £5,000 per household, or up to £10,000 for households in receipt of certain benefits, for improving the energy performance of their home.

We’re teaming up with the Bristol Energy Co-operative and with the FutureProof project to bring you the latest information on:

  • How to access the Green Homes Grant, and what measures are eligible
  • The pros and cons of this policy in terms of enabling home energy efficiency
  • How you can contribute to advocating for the next stage of government support to be better

This event will feature presentations from Will Houghton of Bristol Energy Co-operative, Jenna Willcox of FutureProof, and Dave Tudgey of Bristol Energy Network. There will be time to share ideas and connect with other members in small groups, and to share news from member groups.