Wheels to Work update Nov 2020

An update on a couple of things Wheels to Work related:

Travelwest website and Wheels to Work referral form – The new Travelwest website is being launched today (05/11/2020). So that does mean that it could be down for parts of the day. If you are unable to make a Wheels to Work referral using the online form, please get in touch with Louise over email.

Note that the URL to the online form and Wheels to Work pages shouldn’t be any different following the new website launch: https://travelwest.info/wheels-to-work-west/bristol/wheels-to-work-referral

Lockdown and Wheels to Work – With the nation going in to another lockdown starting from today, here is how W2W will be affected:

  • We will still be running our Wheels to Work offers for anyone that will be attending work opportunities, training or interviews in person, for those industries with workplaces that are still able to operate during lockdown
  • For eligible individuals, you can still offer up to 1 month of bus tickets, or a £100 discount on a refurbished bike.
  • When it comes to bus tickets, please push mTickets for those that can use them rather than paper ones, and please focus on the bike offer as provides a long term solution for the client and an alternative to using public transport.
  • We can still offer virtual personalised travel planning to clients (where we would book them a 1-1 session with a travel advisor to chat to them about their travel and route options)

I recognise that this is quite a challenging time for all. This is just a reminder that getting outdoors for exercise (if it is safe for you to do so) over lockdown can be really beneficial to both physical and mental health. If your clients or yourselves would like any route suggestions and advice on walking visit Travelwest. It could also be a great time to start cycling and build your confidence as we anticipate the roads to be quieter. For loan bikes and advice on cycling in Bristol visit Better By Bike. For some extra motivation during lockdown if you do have a bike, join Love to Ride!