DWP News: Touchbase – 7 May 2021

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Train and Progress DWP Train and Progress (TaP) – a new DWP initiative aimed at increasing access to training opportunities for claimants – will see an extension to the length of time people can receive Universal Credit while undertaking work-focused study. The amount of time UC claimants can take part in full-time training will extend […]

Digital Lifeline Computer Tablets for people with Learning Difficulties

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JobnetworkBristol has delivered 40 tablets for people with learning difficulties including through disability. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/free-tablets-to-improve-lives-of-thousands-of-people-with-learning-disabilities If in the 10,9,8..  days you can organise and deliver a tablet to your client, JobnetworkBristol will forward your interest to a local enterprise supplied with tablets. The aim of the project is a quick rollout of tablets sponsored by Gov.uk […]