Bristol’s Climate Action Fund bid partnership Deadline

Bristol Climate Action Fund – call for Community Partner expressions of interest by 13 February 2020

In late 2019 the National Lottery Community Fund launched a major new ‘Climate Action Fund’ to support communities across the UK to take action and demonstrate what is possible when people take the lead in tackling climate change. Under the leadership of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, a number of organisations including Bristol City Council have come together to help shape a collaborative bid for Bristol.

In December we invited a range of local community organisations to an initial workshop about Bristol’s proposal to the Climate Action Fund. This week the Lottery are due to publish their long list of areas invited to bid in the next round of the process. Due to delays in finalising this list, and the limited time left to complete bids, we are today opening the call for Community Partners.

What’s the opportunity?

If Bristol is included on the Lottery’s long list, our bid will include up to five Community Partners, each serving a specific geographic community, or community of interest or identity. If we are successful in our bid, during the course of the 5 year programme each Community Partner will co-produce with stakeholders an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions generated by housing, transport, food, energy, waste, etc., increase biodiversity and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Each plan will be inclusive, equitable, evidence-based and led by local people. Community Partners will be supported by technical specialists, civic stakeholders and benefit from the research produced for the city’s Climate Strategy for 2030 – and potentially contribute to subsequent action planning work.

What does Bristol need from Community Partner organisations?

Community Partners need to be advocates for and work in partnership with other groups that serve their community (geographic or of interest or identity). They don’t need to be climate or environmental experts – indeed it may even help if some aren’t – but they need to be committed to understanding and leading climate action through community co-production. They need to help people likely to be impacted most by climate change to create radical new approaches to making the city more sustainable and equitable.

Community partners need to commit to supporting the bid development process, joining the existing Bid Development Team and other environmental organisations to shape our approach, targets and budgets for the bid. This will include workshops provisionally scheduled as follows:

  • 21 February 2pm – 5pm
  • Late February
  • March

What if Bristol isn’t invited to bid when the Lottery’s long list is published?

There is a risk that when the National Lottery publishes their long list of invited areas Bristol isn’t included. So the work we do before the list is confirmed is at our own risk.

The Bid Development Team and several potential Community Partner organisations are keen to pursue a programme of radical climate action along the lines of the proposal to date even if it doesn’t include the Lottery’s current round of the fund.

This includes engaging with the forthcoming One City Climate Strategy, due for publication at the end of February,

So we are encouraging potential Community Partners to start developing their bids as soon as possible, but we understand if you’d rather wait until Bristol’s invitation to the next stage of the process is confirmed. We will of course let everyone know immediately once the Lottery’s official list is published.

What are the next steps?

Download all the relevant documents from the Voscur website.

Organisations wishing to be Community Partners should submit their expression of interest:


13 Feb 2020
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