Tour of Tesco RDC

The Tesco team of Alex and Dave  have offered Ways2Work network members a guided tour to the Tesco Regional Distribution Centre in Avonmouth.  This is to help you talk about it in a more informed way to your clients and customers.

We have been able to get 5 spaces for the W2W network members on a first come, first served basis – one per organisation only please.  We are sure that if this proves helpful to everyone, they will want to repeat it and having been there once, Chris has done some lifting and can talk about it to others with confidence so we know it is good!

There are also a few spaces reserved for DWP colleagues.  Please get back to Chris Mitchell asap if you want to come with your Hi-Viz jacket and boot sizes.

If we are overwhelmed with numbers, we will go straight back to them and asked for a second session to be set up in the near future.


23 Jan 2020


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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