Digital Skills Course

CCBED has designed a few courses to help individuals navigate through the impact of Corona Virus pandemic and provide skills to help some of the issues raised. We have developed a basic digital skills course that is aimed at those who have few skills or a lack of confidence in using IT, which is preventing them from accessing vital services, support or courses that have online access only.

This course will be run at St Pauls Learning Centre on November 5th and 12th.

In addition, we have an online course designed to address some of the mental health issues that have arisen and to support learners through this period of uncertainty.  This will also start from 5 November.

Please find attached flyers with the latest course dates and some information – the full details of each course are available on our website:

 If you have any questions, please contact Admin


05 Nov 2020


C-CBED offices, St Paul's Family and Learning Centre, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8XJ
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