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Important information about WECIL services

Update from WECIL on 18/03:

Changes to WECIL Services during the corona virus outbreak.

WECIL’s biggest responsibility is to protect the health and safety of our community – both customers and staff.  In order to reduce exposure to the virus we have made some changes to WECIL services.

The Government has strongly advised that those with significant health conditions should have as little social contact as possible. The list of health conditions that put people most at risk from coronavirus (COVID 19) can be found here:


As disabled people, WECIL customers are more likely to be in these groups and at a higher risk than the general population. Many of our staff are disabled themselves or care for disabled or older people so are also at a higher risk than the general population.

The Government advise that people in these groups should start social distancing measures straight away.

‘Social distancing’ means reducing your contact with to other people. This will help reduce the transmission of the virus. We can do this by stopping non-essential contact with other people and stopping all unnecessary travel.

In order to protect our customers and staff:

All Home Visits have been stopped  

We have taken the decision to stop all home visits. This will begin on 17th March 2020 and will last two weeks. We will then decide whether we need to continue to stop home visits and let you know.

We will continue to provide all our normal office-based services. Home Visits will be replaced by phone calls or online meetings. If you normally get a home visit we will contact you to find out what suits you best.

The WECIL Office is Closed to the Public 

From 17th March 2020 our offices will be closed to the public. This will last two weeks. We will then decide if we need to continue this and let you know.

During this time many of our staff will be working from home. We are also making sure any staff with symptoms of the coronavirus are staying at home and self-isolating. We aim for all our office-based support services to remain open and for your usual support worker to be available by phone and by email as usual and our Disabled People’s Advice Line remains open.

If you normally hand deliver documents to WECIL, for example your PA’s timesheets, we ask that you please deliver them by email instead. If you cannot do that, we have set up a post drop box outside of the WECIL office which will be checked each workday.

Group Sessions have Stopped

So that our Community Members, their families and our staff and sessional workers can follow the advice around self-isolating and social distancing, we have taken the difficult decision to stop our group sessions. This will begin on 17th March 2020 and will last two weeks. We will then decide whether we need to continue to stop group sessions and let you know.

This means that all our Children and Young People’s groups and Peer Support groups will stop during this time.

We are working on ways that we can offer remote daily contact with our young people and their families during this time and will be in touch with them directly.

Planning ahead in case there is a change to your care 

We know how very important your care and support is, both for your physical and mental wellness. It is important that you make plans in case the people that care for you are unable to because of the coronavirus.

We want to let all our Direct Payment Support customers know that we are working with your Local Authority’s Direct Payments Team to make sure that should there be issues then there will be resources to help. We will send you further information on this when we know more.

Creating a support plan  

Whether you receive support from WECIL to manage a Direct Payment or not, it is important that you plan for your care needs.

If your normal carer is unable to work it is possible that you might receive your care from somebody who does not already know how to care for you, this might be a professional, a member of your family or of your social network. So we strongly suggest you prepare your own Support Plan to make sure that they understand what you want and what you need.

A good way to do this is to use the Create My Support Plan tool which was developed by WECIL and is available at https://www.createmysupportplan.co.uk/

Create My Support Plan is free to use and designed to be accessible and easy to complete. We recommend that you start to create a plan as soon as possible – if you need help filling the forms in you can ask family, friends or your PA. If you need further advice you could check our Easy User Guide to Create my Support Plan at


If you need further advice on completing the form, your WECIL Support Worker can talk you through it.

Thank you for helping us to provide your support in the safest way possible.

We would like to keep in touch with you with any updates to WECIL services, Local Authority support or advice on keeping safe. If you want to receive these emails you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Stay safe and stay in touch

Dominic Ellison

Chief Executive


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