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The Ways2Work Network is a community of education, support and training organisations keeping each other updated about opportunities for supporting people in Bristol and the West of England into work.

We do this through daily and weekly emails, social media, this website, networking meetings across the city and jobs fairs and other events across the West of England.

Our latest updates page will keep you updated with current training opportunities, jobs fairs and more.

If you would like to receive email updates, see below for details on how to sign up. We are happy to send out information on any opportunities or vacancies you would like publicised. Please send any jobs or training information to and as long as it’s relevant we will circulate it for you.

Mailing Lists

We run an email network of professionals in the ‘back to work’ sector, mainly training providers and support agencies. We share economic, development, funding, employment and training related emails sent to us by employers, training providers, colleges and others. Most information is then added to our website.

If you would like employment and training information from your organisation included, just send it to and we’ll forward it on. You don’t have to sign up to receive emails for us to send out information on the opportunities you can offer.

If you’d like to get email updates from us, we send many individual emails every weekday and produce a newsletter once a week.


We send daily updates from our partners to our recipients at around 9 am every weekday morning. This is most useful if you work as a professional in a role connected with employment or employability and find it useful to know everything that’s going on in the sector. This can be many emails a day about jobs, training and policy decisions, we recommend you filter our emails into their own folder.
If you would like to sign up to receive daily emails please download and complete the Ways2Work sign up form and send it back to
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We also have a weekly newsletter that covers some featured events and courses, links to the latest website updates and highlights other useful information in the sector.

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Ways2Work NEWS

Ways2Work tech updates (and disruption)

Just a quick note to say that in November we’ll be changing servers for the Ways2Work website. It may cause some disruption to access and we will also be unable to update the website for a few days. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope this work will be completed in a couple of weeks’ time. This update should make the website faster for you. After this work is complete, we’ll be updating the look and content of the website to include features for new projects.

November Ways2Work Network Meeting

We’ll be holding the last Ways2Work network meeting of 2020 on 25th November, 10-12 on Google Meet. You can book your place now on Eventbrite here.   If you came to the October network meeting, there’s still time for you to vote for the festive snacks for the next meeting! Vote on the feedback questionnaire. I’m surprised, but right now mince pies are not winning! I’ve stocked up on stollen which is also not winning.

October Ways2Work Update

Ways2Work News Welcome to October! It’s a really busy time for us right now. Our team manager Paul Gaunt will be updating us all at the October Ways2Work network meeting. More details on that below. There’s a quick summary of some of our work for you here. Kickstart Bristol Ways2Work is helping young people into work with Kickstart Bristol! Kickstart is a government initiative to provide paid work experience for young people aged 16-24 to help them develop work skills. The placements are funded by the government so employers’ costs are covered and we can provide employability support. Once work placements have been set up, young people will be able to apply through their DWP work coach. If you think your organisation could host a 6-month work experience placement see more details here: or email One Front Door Changes to the Ways2Work website are coming as we introduce One Front Door. You may have noticed some already. This project aims to provide a one stop signposting service for residents of Bristol and will use the Ways2Work directory as the basis. So, we’d love to make sure your organisation’s services are included. Take a look and let us know if you’d like your organisation’s details to be included or updated. Virtual Employment Events Our second virtual jobs fair was held on 8th September. Ways2Work, DWP, National Careers Service, B&NES, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils and employers from the West of England were all on Facebook and Twitter. See it as it happened by searching for the hashtag #WestOfEnglandJobsFair on Twitter. There are more employment events happening on Twitter! @JCPinBristol is running #YouthHubBristol every other Tuesday at 2pm. Follow that next on 13th October. @NC_SWandOxon and @NationalCareers are next running a #VirtualJobsFair for the South West area on 5th October between 9am and 12 noon with Bath, Bristol and Gloucestershire featuring from 11am. Ways2Work Network Meeting Our next network meeting is on 7th October at 10am. You can book a place now on Eventbrite. Please fill in our questionnaire on Opening Safely to have your say on what you think and feel about the changes to how classes and events are being held. If you’d like another date for your diary, the final Ways2Work network meeting of 2020 will be on 25th November at 10am. We’ll have an Eventbrite page up closer to the time.    

Network Meetings

We hold staff networking meetings to keep up to date with opportunities in employment and training in the West of England including what organisations are offering, what training is being provided and how to refer clients.

The first half of the meeting is speaking slots for updates from employers, key partners and new provision starting in the area. Then, everyone attending has an opportunity to give a one minute update on their service.

Due to Covid 19, this year our network meetings are online. Visit our Eventbrite page for details.

Directory of Provision

We want everyone to know how much employment support and training opportunities there are in Bristol and the West of England. We have a Directory that anyone can search to find the service that’s right for them.

If you’d like to have your organisation featured, please email us at and we’ll get started.

Jobs Fairs

Our last jobs fair was in February 2020 at South Bristol Skills Academy with Karin Smyth MP, City of Bristol College and DWP. Since then we have been running virtual jobs fairs on Twitter and Facebook with DWP and National Careers Service to highlight opportunities available in Bristol and the West of England. You can follow these by searching on Twitter or Facebook for #WestOfEnglandJobsFair.

For a glimpse into the past…

At Ways2Work, we work in partnership with other organisations across the West of England to organise jobs fairs and advice days around Bristol. Our regular jobs fairs and advice days include February in south Bristol with MP Karin Smyth and City of Bristol College, April in Easton, June in central Bristol, October in City Hall. On top of these, we run other sector or area based events throughout the year as requested by communities or professionals working in the sector.

At jobs fairs we give priority to employers with vacancies, but also have support on hand to help attendees apply for jobs. We aim to a positive outcome for everyone, sometimes a job, sometimes it is training or support. We try to have a mix of support organisations attending but employers are always prioritised. Advice days are more about supporting people into employment through training, employability courses and honing work skill, but we always include employers as well.

Our partners include DWP, City of Bristol College, SGS College, South Gloucestershire Council and National Careers Service.

If you would like more information on jobs fairs and advice days, please contact Chris Mitchell at

Posts for you

Ways2Work Website Maintenance

We’re spending a couple of weeks performing website maintenance on the Ways2Work website. This means that our news and calendar will not be updated while the work is ongoing. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will be improving the speed and features of the website in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience and we’ll be back with you soon. Lucy – Ways2Work 18/11/2020

National Careers Service – Virtual Job Fair 16/11/20

On Monday, 16 November 2020 the National Careers Service is hosting a virtual job fair where they will be promoting a range of live job opportunities. As part of the event the National Careers Service will be hosting webinars on the day. You can see details of the webinars being offered and how to join them on the webinar flyer. And details of the virtual jobs fair on the jobs fair flyer.

Learning Disability Work Week 9th – 15th November

LOCAL BRISTOL MAN SUPPORTS HIS COMMUNITY THROUGHOUT THE PANDEMIC Mencap celebrates helping Richard Yendle achieve his dreams this Learning Disability Work Week (9th – 15th November 2020) With people with a learning disability and/or autism facing significant barriers to job entry, Mencap is celebrating helping local Bristol man Richard Yendle, who has a learning disability, into employment. As a keyworker working at Sainsbury’s through the COVID crisis, Richard is one of the people society has relied on to keep the country moving through the most difficult of times. Like many people with a learning disability Richard, from Bristol, tried hard to find work but faced many barriers: “I just wanted a company that would take me on and give me a paid job, so I can show what I can do.” After receiving support from Mencap, he started working at a Sainsbury’s in Bristol four years ago. Now Richard is happy and proud in his role, and does a number of roles in the supermarket from working on the tills to cleaning and assisting customers. He now has a message for other people with a learning disability: “Take your time and be patient. Take every opportunity that comes up and be prepared.” Employers report that people with a learning disability and/or autism are often dedicated to their job and reduce staff turnover – as well as help to boost staff morale, champion inclusion and enhance diversity within organisations. Paid employment can help make people feel valued and equal, included in society, and increase their independence and self-esteem. But while people with a learning disability and/or autism can work and want to work, they are often shut out of employment which can have a hugely negative impact on their quality of life. People Mencap support have often faced barriers because of stigma, a lack of understanding about learning disability and autism, and unwillingness to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Many people simply fall at the first hurdle because the recruitment process is inaccessible. Often all that is needed is small and cost-effective reasonable adjustments to open the doors for people with a learning disability and/or autism who want to work, such as offering accessible application forms or even something as simple as holding a work trial instead of a traditional job interview. Other adjustments include offering on-the-job support through job coaches who can be provided through government funding. Mark Capper, Head of Development in the Lifestyles & Work team at the learning disability charity Mencap, said: “The world of work has been thrown upside down by COVID, now is the time for employers to think differently about who they hire. This year every employer has had to adapt and innovate to support their workforce through this unprecedented time. Including people with different experiences and skills will only enhance businesses and their offer. “People with a learning disability and autism can work and want to work and with the right support they can also make fantastic employees – with some even working as the keyworkers we’ve all relied on to keep things moving. They just need a chance to show they can do it.” Emily Donaghy, Recruitment Manager at Sainsbury’s said: “At Sainsbury’s we are proud to have been supported by Mencap in the past and this has helped us to hire a number of individuals with a learning disability into our retail roles across the UK. By providing us access to individuals that may not find our usual recruitment process accessible, Mencap supports us in becoming a fully inclusive employer.” Through its employment programmes, Mencap supports people with a learning disability and autism to become more independent and develop their employability as well as helping people to find work placements. Work experience, alongside training courses, gives people the real training they need to get on the employment ladder. Mencap is also inviting employers to find out how they can open their doors to people with a learning disability and/or autism this Learning Disability Work Week. The charity can support with everything from making application processes more accessible through to providing job coaches, ultimately helping to open opportunities for this untapped talent pool. Follow us on Twitter @BristolMencap Get more from Mencap. Find out more about how our Employ Me service is helping more  people with a learning disability in to paid employment. We’re campaigning to transform how the NHS treats people with a learning disability in hospital. Will you join us? Find out more at #TreatMeWell Do you love and care for somebody with a learning disability? Visit our online community and connect with other parents and family carers.

Vacancies for Tutors at N-Gaged Training

Due to continuous growth, N-Gaged Training is currently recruiting tutors.  Please see the job descriptions below for more details of the roles. Logistics Tutor Construction Tutor Trainee Forklift Tutor If interested in applying please send CVs to: or call 0117 971 0883 for more information.

Labour Market Statistics, IES Analysis – November 2020

IES Briefing Note Tuesday 10 November 2020 Labour Market Statistics, November 2020 Today’s figures show that the labour market continued to weaken through July to September, weighed down by the ongoing fallout from the first lockdown.  Employment fell and unemployment rose, with the latter reaching its highest since late 2016.  Lower employment has been driven both by more people leaving work, and fewer people moving (back) into it – with job separations dominating during lockdown itself, but weak hiring playing more of a role in the recovery. Redundancies reached a new peak in the three months to September, and we forecast that these will continue to rise in the next two months before falling back in the new year.  While the growth in redundancies is alarming, today’s figures have not been anywhere near as bad as they could have been.  The 315 thousand rise in redundancies this quarter, and even the 570 thousand fall in employment since the crisis began, have been dwarfed by the extraordinary figure that around five million workers who were ‘away’ from work during lockdown had so far returned to work by the end of September. Hiring and vacancies are likely being held back in part by the significant spare capacity in firms as furlough unwound, and by continued economic uncertainty.  However there were signs that vacancies had started to recover more strongly in September and October, driven in particular by smaller employers.  While still not back to pre-crisis levels, and although likely to fall back again during November, this does nonetheless suggest that hiring could return relatively quickly if the conditions are right. The significant falls in employment since the crisis began appear to be being driven by lower self-employment amongst men – particularly full-time work – and lower part-time employment amongst women (employee and self-employed).  This has been offset by significant rises in full-time employment for women – which is now comfortably at its highest ever level and rate.  Under-employment also appears to be creeping up, with more part-time workers wanting to increase their hours. Once again, there are signs that young people are bearing the brunt of the crisis – with youth employment down by more than 300 thousand (54% of the total) and the youth employment rate falling to its lowest since 2014.  This has however been more than offset by rising participation in education – although this should be treated with some caution, as in practice this is describing July to September, so a time when many of those ‘in education’ will have been waiting for courses to start. Worryingly, today’s quarterly disability employment figures suggest that progress in narrowing the (very wide) employment gap for disabled people has stalled during this crisis and may be at risk of going into reverse.  Disabled people are now more than two-and-a-half times more likely to be out of work than their non-disabled peers. All told, the labour market had been in decent shape in the summer and early autumn, with most of the most negative impacts largely reflecting the continued fallout from the first lockdown in the spring.  However, the second lockdown in November will bring with it a double dip, and likely further deterioration on the jobs market through the winter.  This will be added to by uncertainty around Brexit.  With the Spending Review just a few weeks away, the Chancellor needs to look at measures to get hiring going again and quickly – in particular by raising the National Insurance threshold so as to reduce labour taxes for firms, and by boosting departmental budgets so that public sector employment can pick up more of the slack from the private sector. Download the paper IES on LinkedIn IES on Twitter IES Website Copyright © 2020 Institute for Employment Studies, All rights reserved.

Job Vacancy at SafeLives for a Training Coordinator

SafeLives are currently recruiting for a Training Coordinator. If anyone is interested/able to forward on to your own networks that would be hugely welcomed! Please find attached the job descriptions along with a brief outline below: Training Coordinator To provide effective and efficient coordination of resources and support for the Training team and the learners across all SafeLives’ training programmes SafeLives’ Training team develops the knowledge and skills of professionals responding to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, whether adults, young people or children. The programme includes sector leading accredited training – foundation and expert courses – for independent domestic violence advisors (Idvas) and independent domestic abuse advocates in Scotland (Idaas), independent sexual violence advisors (Isvas), domestic violence and abuse outreach workers, and other frontline workers who come into contact with people experiencing domestic abuse. Reports to                        Senior Training Coordinator Hours                                37.5 hours per week Salary                                £20,000-23,000 pa Contract                           Permanent Location                           Bristol (with occasional travel across UK). Remote during CV19 Benefits                           A generous package including 25 days holiday a year and public holidays, employee pension scheme with 4% employer contribution, Cycle2Work scheme, 365 days a year Employee Assistance Programme, flexible working How to apply Please take a look over the job description and submit your 500 word cover letter & CV via by 9am on Monday 30th November 2020. If anyone has any questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We encourage those that are interested to contact prior to application to provide as much insight into the position as possible 😊 SafeLives: DD: 0117 4033 240 / Office: 0117 4033 220

N-Gaged Courses

Message from Cheryl Cole of N-Gaged Training: If you are unemployed or qualify as a low-income earner these courses are FREE! Exciting news – Amazing Range of Courses Available NOW! N-gaged is now working with our new sister company Finance Management Business School (FMBS) to offer a greater variety of courses. Our courses are now available online commencing every Monday – including some practical elements.  Access to a laptop/computer is required or perhaps you would like to take advantage of attending our in-house IT suite on a pre-bookable basis. Courses include: Storage and Warehouse (obtain your Forklift Truck Licence)   Construction (obtain your CSCS card) – including Award in Construction, Award in Health and Safety within the workplace and Award in Health and Safety within a Construction Environment  Logistics (obtain your HGV Licence) – including Certificate in Safe Road Skills and Attitudes, Certificate in Customer Service, Hazard Perception, Certificate in Logistics Operation and Licence acquisition: C, C&E, or Driver CPC  Security Guard (obtain your SIA badge) – including Award in Stewarding in Spectator Events and Award as Working as a Security Officer Within the Private Sector   Health and Social Care –including Certificate in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young Person’s Settings, Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care/Adult Care Worker L2 and Certificate in the Principles of The Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings.  This course also covers Infection Control/ COVID-19  Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services   Hospitality and Retail Principles Certificate – including Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles, Award in Food Safety for Retail, COSHH, leading to a L3 Hospitality Supervisor  Customer Service Award and Certificate   Accountancy Award  Computerised Payroll Award – Level 1   Computerised Payroll Certificate – Level 2   Business Administration Certificate – Level 1   Principles of Business Administration Certificate – Level 2  IT User Skills Certificate Levels 1 and 2   Preparing to Start a New Business Award– Level 2   Creating and Starting Your Own Business Certificate – Level 2  Self-Employment Pathway – Award, Certificate and Diploma levels  Retail Knowledge Award and Certificate   Give us a call or drop us an email for more details and to enrol today on: Tel 0117 9710883 / Mob 07951 597633 / We look forward to hearing from you.

Careers Hub Update: Still available for Face to Face appointments

The Careers Hub in The Galleries is closed until the end of lockdown, however, The Galleries shopping centre is committed to remaining open for essential services so it can reopen for one to one appointments. National Careers Service is currently compiling a list of customers who need face to face appointments. Please refer customers who: Need face-to-face, career advice appointments for clear reasons e.g. language barriers, technology issues etc. Are not in a high-risk/vulnerable category Are not in a support bubble with anyone of a high-risk/vulnerable category Who’re able to access the BS1 area of Bristol The team is open to any creative ideas to support customers that require face-to-face appointments e.g. involving training providers or delivering National Careers Service workshops to small groups. Full details of premises risk assessments can be provided, if helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to get in touch with Adam Booty. Address: Job and Careers Hub, Galleries Shopping Centre, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3XA Directions: Bottom floor. Opposite ‘Eurochange’ next to ‘Brizzle Kids Clubhouse’. The nearest entrance is opposite Tesco on Union Street.

Upcoming courses from The Restore Trust

As an education provider, The Restore Trust will be open throughout this period to continue to support people who wish to undertake accredited training qualifications to improve their prospects of employment. Please see the Restore Trust poster which outlines what is available throughout November and December 2020. The current range of courses and course dates are below. All accredited courses are available to undertake online via Microsoft Teams with ‘live’ tutor support or onsite at The Restore Trust in a COVID-19 secure environment. ​The Restore Trust – Courses – November and December 2020: ​Monday 9 November to Friday 27 November 2020 – Digital Skills – Accredited – Entry3, Level1 and Level 2 Certificate – ​ Session Times: (9:30-11:30/12:30-14:30/15:00-17:00) Monday 16 November to Friday 20 November 2020 – Production – Accredited – Level 1 Certificate – ​ ​Session Times: (9:30-16:30)   *Guaranteed interview with a local employer* Monday 23 November to Thursday 3 December 2020 – CSCS Card Training and Qualification – Accredited – Level 2 Certificate – ​ Session Times: (9:30-12:30/13:30-16:30) *Guaranteed interview with a local employer* ​Monday 30 November to Friday 18 December 2020 – Digital Skills – Accredited – Entry3, Level1 and Level 2 Certificate – ​ Session Times: (9:30-11:30/12:30-14:30/15:00-17:00) Monday 7 December to Thursday 17 December 2020 – CSCS Card Training and Qualification – Accredited – Level 2 Certificate – ​ ​Session Times: (9:30-12:30/13:30-16:30) *Guaranteed interview with a local employer* ​Please note: We have direct employment opportunities available through our local employer network for those learners completing CSCS and Production courses. On completion of the CSCS and Production course, you will receive an interview with a local employer. This recent employment pathway has proven to be very successful; we have received 13 job offers for learners within the past 4 weeks who have taken up this employment pathway option. We aim to continue to build on this successful work with local employers throughout the current lockdown period and beyond. Please download the Restore Trust referral form to make a referral. We understand many of you may be working from home throughout lockdown so please feel free to send through a completed referral form for any of your service users and rest assured we will make contact upon receipt of the referral to be sent to: and update each referrer with progress. Please feel free to share this with your work colleagues and local networks so we can continue to provide meaningful learning and skills activity linked to employment to those who need it.